How to Get Minecraft Server Hosting

How to access Minecraft Server Hosting

Minecraft is the Gaming software that has been developed by Markus Persson. It is available for Macintosh, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and 4. Minecraft is loved and played worldwide, it can be played solo or with Multiplayer. To play the game on multiplayer mode requires either hosting or renting the server. If you are looking forward to Host Minecraft server then you will be required to download the file and install it over your server computer and then finally connecting it to the server. Follow the steps below to know complete process for ‘How to Get Minecraft Server Hosting’.

If you are a new user and you are unsure about carrying out the whole process by yourself then you can contact Minecraft Customer Support phone number +1-833-327-1999 (toll-free). Here you will be able to talk to the Minecraft executives directly who will be able to help you set up the whole Minecraft Server hosting within a few minutes. For any other Mojang related support, you can contact Mojang Support.

If you wish to carry out the process by yourself then you can follow the steps mentioned below:

Steps To Get Minecraft Server Hosting

Step 1. Check the Compatibility

Here is basic information about your computer that will make your system compatible for Minecraft Server Hosting:

System Requirements To Get Minecraft Server Hosting:

To get Minecraft Server Hosting installed to your PC or system, you must meet the following system requirements:

  • Windows Edition: Windows 8.1 Pro or higher OS
  • Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2320 CPU @ 3.00GHz 3.30GHz
  • Installed Memory (RAM): 6 GB
  • System Type: 64GB Operating System, x64-based processor

If you are using your own PC as the server for Minecraft Server Hosting then it is needed that your system must have fast CPU and RAM space to allow the number of people that are going to participate or going to log in through your server to play the game.

Step 2. Check Internet connection and speed

Your Internet connection and speed should be fast enough to download or upload data and allow the user to interact with each other smoothly.

Step 3. Check for the latest version of Java on your System or Computer

To Get Minecraft Server Hosting, there must be the latest version of Java installed into your system. As Java enables the Minecraft to run on your system. Therefore it is required that your Java software should be running on the current version. If your system does not have Java installed then you can do the same by clicking You can easily run 32-bit Java on a 64-bit system but it is not possible in another way round, ie. If you are using the 64-bit system you cannot use 32-bit Java file on that.

On the other hand, Macintosh computers have Java pre-installed and it automatically updates it. If your Java version is not updated then you can update it from

If you are stuck with some issue or you are facing any error while updating the Java, then it is suggested that you immediately contact to Minecraft Technical Support number +1-833-327-1999 (toll-free) and have direct access to highly qualified and experienced professionals. They understand the matter deeply and gives authentic solutions for the same.

Step 4. Setting up Host Server

Follow the steps mentioned below to Get Minecraft Server Hosting settings on your system

You must know and understand where the application needed to be installed to have direct access, therefore it is important to give an understandable name to the server folder like ‘MinecraftServer’.

Save this folder into the root directory that is “C:\” or you can also save it over the desktop.

  1. It is very crucial to download the right Minecraft server application. The right file format depends on your Windows or Mac OS.

For Windows OS:

  • Download the Minecraft_Server.exe file and save it into the folder that you have created. You can get this file from

For Mac OS

  • Download Minecraft_server.jar and save the file into the folder that you have created previously. You can get this file from the Minecraft website.
  1. Now you need to carefully download the correct Minecraft Application program depending on the system and the operating system you are using.

To set up the application program follow the following instructions based on your device and OS:

For the Windows:

  • Double-click on the file to run it; an interface window will be displayed on the screen with some messages.

For Mac OS

  • Open TextEdit and create a command file using ‘Make Plain Text’ from the format menu.
  • Now you need to copy the instructions “#!/bin/bashed”$(dirname”$0”)”exec java-Xmx1G-Xms1G-jar Minecraft_server.jar”.
  • Save this file in the same folder in which you have saved .jar file earlier, before saving you need to use .command extension and give an easy name like “start” or “Startserver”
  • Now you need to open the terminal and start typing “chmod a+x” and from here drag and drop the .command file into the terminal window and hit “Enter”
  • Click on the .command file to convert it into the .jar file
  • Now you will be able to see that you will be receiving some “missing file” warning. This warning occurs because of the files that have not yet been created but will be created when the program runs for the first time.
  • If you see “Done” after “Preparing Spawn Area” message, click “Stop” and then hit “Enter”
  1. Customizing Settings

To customize the settings of Minecraft the way you want to play, you need to access the files by either using Notepad in Windows or TextEdit in MacOS.  Save the settings once you are done.

  • If you wish to play the Minecraft game in survival mode then you need to leave the game mode setting at “0”
  • If you want to play in creative mode then set the game mode to “1”
  • To change the difficulty level in the game follow the following settings:

For the peaceful mode, where there are no enemies the Game Mode value is to be “0”.

For easy mode, the value that needed to be assigned is “1”

To play the game at moderate threat enter game mode value “2”

For the hard mode, you need to enter the value of game mode as “3”

  1. You can also determine who can access your game by following the steps below

You need to enable the players in order to access the server and to play the game. But at the same time, you need to prevent other users from invading the server or game.

  • To prevent your game, you first need to enable the ‘Whitelist’ in the file.
  • You can do this by setting the value of “White-list” as “True”
  • After that, you need to add your username and username of your fellow players.
  1. Settings for Administrative Privileges
  • An administrator has the power to issue commands from the chat mode in the game. The administrator can send the instructions to add or block the players or change the game, while the game is going on.
  • To assign the Administrative privileges you need to enter the username in the Ops or Admin list, just like you have done for Whitelist.
  • You can also enter your username in the Ops list and in addition, you can enter the username of the person you can trust as your assistance.
  1. Router settings to make the server visible for the Players apart from your Network

You need to modify your router setting (forward port 25565 (TCP)) to Minecraft server to your server visible to the players out of your network. The setting process will vary depending on the brand and the router device you are using.

  1. Finding your Public IP Address

You need to provide your public IP address to the players outside your immediate network so that they can connect to your Minecraft Server. To find your public IP address from the internet by using the search term as “what is my IP” on Google.

You need to share your IP address or router settings only if other players are at the different physical location. If all the players are at a same place or room then you will not be required to make any changes to the router settings or share your IP address.

How to connect with Minecraft Executives to get professional help to get Minecraft Server Hosting?

If you are a new user or installing the Minecraft Server Hosting for the first time, then it would be suggested that you should contact Minecraft Customer Support number +1-833-327-1999 (toll-free). These executives are highly knowledgeable and experienced to resolve any issue and provide authentic support to the users. They are available round the clock including holidays. Call anytime to get free assistance and resolve your issues just in one call.

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