How to fix Outlook error code 0x8004210a?

Outlook error code 0x8004210a

There are so many people around the world who uses Outlook personally and professionally just because it offers world-class security features. But sometimes these features becomes the main reason for so many problems. The features which are enabled to protect your data sometimes affect the working of your work. Security settings and protocols can be the main reason why you can suffer from send-receive Outlook functionality.

This article is all about the solution to the Outlook error code 0x8004210a. Outlook forums and the other queries are all filled up with so many errors so if you want an instant help for Outlook error code 0x8004210a then you can call on the Outlook customer care number +1-833-327-1999. This number is free of any cost so you will not be charged anything to talk with the highly educated professionals.

This Outlook error code generally caused while you try to send and receive emails. The reasons why this error cause is due to the changes made in the Outlook account settings and protocols by the user unknowingly. The other reason why this error can occur is the upgradation of the Windows Operating System.

How to fix Outlook error code 0x8004210a?

These are some manual fixes that you can apply to resolve this error code:-

  • First, go the control panel of your system and enable the settings of your Windows firewall so that unrestricted access of your Outlook account is not allowed.
  • The other thing that you have to do is enabling your Antivirus program.
  • Try deleting the unwanted email from your mailbox because these emails may be the reason why you are not receiving emails.
  • Sometimes Outlook add-in also becomes the reason why you can not send or receive emails. To overcome this you can open your Outlook in safe mode just by typing outlook.exe/safe in the run menu.
  • You can increase your server timeout duration also and following are the steps to do it:-

1. First, open your Account settings from the Outlook File Menu.

2. Click on the Change button after the selection on affected email settings.

3. Go to the More settings

4. From the Internet email settings option change the timeout time.

5. In the end, click on the OK button.

  • Go to the repair option by opening your computers Control Panel. You have to repair your Outlook installation to resolve this error.
  • If nothing is working out then it’s better to create a new Outlook email account. Check if you are able to send or receive email.

1. Go to the control panel and then open your mail. Simply select the current Outlook profile that you are using from there.

2. Again you have to go to the Control Panel and then into the mail. From there simply create a new Outlook Profile.

3. Fill all the details that have been asked from you and in the end click on Finish button.

4. To check if you are able to send a message click on the compose button and then type the recipient name. Click on send, in the end, to check if the email is sent or not.

  • Call on the Outlook customer support phone number if nothing is working out for you.

How Outlook Customer service number can help you?

The technical team of members which are present to resolve your issues is very highly talented and they know everything about Outlook functionality. They have a very deep knowledge about Outlook so you do not have to be worried. Just dial the Outlook technical support phone number or Outlook Tech support phone number +1-833-327-1999 to receive the best support of your life.

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